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Sri Lanka Press Council No 155/15, Kasal Street, Colombo 08

Telephone: 011-2693271 / Fax: 011-2693271


Sri Lanka Press Council is a statutory institution established under the Sri Lankan Press Council Act No. 05 of 1973 which comes under the purview of the Ministry of Mass Media and Information. A code of Ethics for journalists has been introduced as rules by the Gazette Extraordinary No 162/5 A of 14th October 1981.


To protect the press freedom of Sri Lankan


To popularize press freedom as a cultural element for national development.


Chairman and the Board of Directors

  1. Presidents Counsel, Mr W. Dayarathna- Chairman
  2. Prof. Ariyarathna Athugala Member
  3. Prof. Sunanda Mahendra- Member
  4. Mr. Ariyananda Dombagahawatta- Member
  5. Mr. Chandana Prasad Sooriyarachchi(Attorney-at-Law)- Member
  6. Mr. Karunadasa Suriyaarachi - Member
  7. Mr. Pradepa Wijesundara -Member
  8. Ms M.K.D. Niluka Madampe - Member



Press Commissioner                 - Mr. J.D.C. Jayasingha 

Assistant Press Commissioner   - Mr. Niroshana Thambawita

Accountant                              - Mr. S.A Jagathsiri


Press Commissioner, the Chief Executive Officer of the Council will act under the common command and control of the council.


Objectives of the Council

  • To protect press freedom of Sri Lanka and to protect the nature of newspapers in Sri Lanka in conformity with the highest professional standards.
  • Safeguard the freedom of publishing true statements on facts as news in newspapers and the freedom of publishing views based on true statements on facts.
  • To ensure that newspapers and journalists maintain high ethics of journalism and make them aware of the rights and responsibilities of citizens.
  • Upgrading the means of recruitment, welfare, education and training.
  • Upgrading the means of interaction among all sections engaged in newspaper publishing and production and generate common services which are in need for supplying and circulating information from time to time.
  • Conducting researches on needs of newspapers and its usage, reviewing the new tendencies of monopoly, stagnation of newspapers in Sri Lanka and the restriction of information for common good and suggesting remedial measures for the same.
  • To provide guidance to the government on any matter related to regularization and operating newspapers.

Functions of the Council

The functions of the Council range from legal registration of newspapers to examination of complaints lodged as a result of news reports published in them. Raising awareness in journalists, reporters, apprentice journalists, stake holders and school students on the development of journalism and its contribution towards national development is also among the functions of the Press Council.

Registration of Newspapers.

As per Sections 25 and 26 of the Sri Lanka Press Council Act all newspapers, magazines, periodicals published in the island should be registered in the Sri Lanka Press Council

01. Examination of Complaints against Newspapers

02. If any person/ institution is disturbed or defamed by erroneous news reports, photographs published in any newspaper in Sri Lanka, it could be complained to the Sri Lanka Press Council. A Systematic investigation will be conducted on the complaints and legal actions will be taken accordingly.

03. Conducting Courses

I.Diploma Courses on Journalism and Communication Study.

II.Certificate Course on English Language

III.Workshops for provincial Journalists

IV.Conducting workshops and seminars for students and other institutions.

04. Publication of Journals on Journalism and Communication study.

Eventhough, initially the publications issued by the Sri Lanka Press Council were centered around journalism and journalists, the Press Council has now decided to issue publications covering all media. It is expected to issue publications aimed at the development of journalism.

Some Publications of the Sri Lanka Press Council are as follows.

  1. Puwathpath Kala Sameeksha- I
  2. Puwathpath Kala Sameeksha - II
  3. Puwathpath Kala Sameeksha -II ( An investigation on false and coarse publications)

    4. An access to provincial news reporting

    5. Madya Sameeksha- I

    6.Series of books on Communication

I.An Introduction to Media Literacy.

II.Language and Communication

III.Media Education and Newspaper

IV.An Introduction to Photographic Journalism

V.Origin and Development of Newspaper in Sri Lanka

(These publications can be obtained at the Sri Lanka Press Council)

05. Conducting Researches on Contemporary Issues

It is the function of the Press Council to conduct researches on contemporary issues with a social impact and to provide guidance to the Government with the facts revealed.

06.Proposed Research/ Research on Reading Newspapers 2011 ( Using students)

07.Registration of Media Associations.

I.Professional Media Association

II.District Media Association

III.School Media Association

IV.Other Media Association

V.Discussions / Seminars

Organizing Seminars on contemporary issues with social impact.


Drafting of the Right to Information Bill – 100 day work Programme

Drafting of the Right to Information Bill – 100 day work Programme

Intellectual Property

Act No.36 of 2003