The discussion aimed to resolve professional problems of provincial correspondents through a practical programme formulated with the intervention of relevant authorities was organised under the aegis of the Wayamba Journalists Association.

At this discussion a 24 point set of proposals to be implemented within a space of 101 days was handed over to Minister Karunatilleke and heads of state media institutions by Wayamba Journalists Association President Janoor Kitchilan.

The proposals included the appointment of a committee of intellectuals to draw up a practical programme to be implemented in 101 days, grading of the journalist profession as a recognised profession, granting of an acceptable letter of appointment, provision of tri lingual proficiency, duty concessions to purchase media equipment, appointment of an ombudsman from the Media Ministry for resolving day to day problems, conducting of seminars on investigative reporting, granting of JP posts to journalists, organising of local and international exchange programmes, launching of a cooperative system to resolve economic problems of journalists and their welfare activities and the enhancement of present rate of payments.

Minister Karunatilleke said an assistant secretary will be appointed the same day under his direction and the supervision of the ministry secretary to find out the possibility of meeting the demands made within 101 days.

Responding to the journalists representing the North, the minister said he planned to visit Jaffna on an inspection tour soon and hoped to resolve their special problems then. The minister said the environment necessary for journalists to handle their pen without any outside pressure or undue influence has already been created and as such journalists should take the forefront to usher in a non-partisan and balanced media culture in the country.

Mass Media and Information Ministry Secretary Karunaratne Paranavithana, SLRC Chairman Somaratne Dissanayake, SLBC Chairman Nanda Muruttetuwegama, ITN Chairman Prof. Ganganath Dissanayake and Lake House (ANCL) Editorial Director Saman Wagaarachchi also participated.