Action should be made to pay an allowance of Rs.30,000 to the private staff officers who had already handed over their vehicles to the respective secretaries.

He has also note that section 3.4 of Circular No.CA/1/17/1 of 2010.05.14 issued by him under the title Public Finance Management has been temporarilyamended to be effective for the period 2015.07.20 to 2015.08.20 in order to prevent misuse of state assets during the Parliamentary Elelction period.

The Secretary to the President has instructed all Ministry Secretaries, District Chief Secretaries and Secretaries of Provincial Public Service Commissions to take legal action against those who have not handed over their vehicles in violation of these circulars, under misuse of state property.

He said Elections Commissioner in his letter No.PA/2015/4 of 2015.06.29, Para 06 (i) and (ii) has outlined clearly the process to be adopted for promotion, recruitment and transfer of government servants during the election period. But it has been observed that some government institutions are carrying out promotions, transfers and recruitment without following the proper procedure laid out by the Elections Commissioner during the election period.

Accordingly, all promotions, recruitment and transfers in state organizations should be carried out in compliance with the directives issued by the Elections Commissioner during the election period, the Secretary to the President has categorically stated.

He has further said that the Government servants are bound to extend their fullest cooperation to the Elections Commissioner to ensure that the 2015 election is conducted in a free and fair manner.