Minister Karunatillke visited the SLBC immediately after taking oaths as a minister of the Yahapalanaya Government. The ceremony to welcome the new minister was organised by the SLBC and Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC).

Minister Karunatillake who arrived at the venue paid homage to the Buddha statue by offering flowers and received the blessings of the Maha Sangha to carry out his duties as a minister of the new government.

“My hands are clean and I will do my utmost to keep them clean always in my political career.

I will always do my duty as a minister without tarnishing my good name,” the minister said.

Recalling what he had said as Media Minister of the 100 Day Government, Minister Karunatillake said that he was for freedom of expression and added that he would do what is possible to ensure that journalists and the media in general enjoy freedom and create the environment to carry out their duty without fear.

“Irrespective of your political leanings or your allegiance to a particular political party, you must strive hard to do what is true and correct.

When informing the public write the truth, without being biased or expecting favours. You will be assured of that freedom and also your dignity to function as responsible journalists and media men,” the minister assured.

Former Media Secretary and current UNP MP Karunarathne Paranavithana, SLRC Chairman Ravi Jayawardene, SLBC Chairman Nanda Muruththetuwegama and Assistant Secretary (Labour) Lalith Indika also spoke.

Government Information Department Director General Dr. Dharshani Gunathilleke was also present along with other invitees.