Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe emphasizes that actions will be taken to introduce qualitative books to school curriculum as well as to supply qualitative text books to schools within the next five years.
He further said that providing free school books will not be adequate, the quality of such books should be looked in to and the present Government will take steps to provide students with quality and meaningful books within the framework of providing free school text books.
Mr. Wickramasinghe further added, that instead of panegyrics, steps will be taken to provide meaningful books written by experts and that the Government will never hesitate to allocate funds for qualitative books.
He revealed that more funds will be allocated from next year for education and libraries and that every rupee spent will be valued.
He expressed these views attending the opening of the 17th Colombo International Book Fair yesterday (18th ). Colombo International Book Fair will be held from 18th to 27th September at the BMICH.