Minister Karunathilake addressing the media before commencement of the meeting said that the meeting was convened to review the progress of the institutions coming under the purview of the Ministry of Parliament Reforms and Mass Media with the objective of reaching the targeted goals.

The meeting is to be convened once a month, the Minister added.

According to the Ministry each Institution's Action Plan prepared in accordance with the Corporate Plan 2015 and the progress up to date will be discussed at the meeting of the Heads of Institutions. Also each Institution's organizational structure, existing vacancies, financial status too will be discussed.

Chairmen and Director Generals of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation (SLRC), Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation (SLBC), Independent Television Network Ltd, (ITN), Lake House (ANCL), State Printing Corporation (SPC), National Film Corporation (NFC), Sri Lanka Press Council, Sri Lanka Television Training Insititute (SLTTI), Mahinda Rajapaksa Telecinema Village, Government Information Department and the Government Press were present.