Minister of Housing Construction Sajith Pramadasa, Western Development and Megapolis Minister Patali Champika Ranawaka, Minister of Water Supply and Urban Policy Rauff Hakeem and Minister of Plantation Development P. Thikambaram will participate in this national event.

Sri Lanka government has granted Rs. 250M for plastering of 25,000 houses on construction, island wide during the month of October to mark World Habitat Day. According to Minister of Housing and Construction Sajith Premadasa 1000 houses from each district will be selected under this programme. A maximum of 10 bags of cement for plastering work of a house and sand required for same will be distributed free of charge through Divisional Secretariats and also the plastering work will be done with the contribution of housing beneficiaries.

The Minister has further highlighted the fact that there are a great number of houses needed to be plastered around the island and this has affected the durability of the house, has caused sanitary issues for dwellers including children and the elderly and has obstructed getting access to electricity power and therefore, through this project these issues will be addressed to a greater extent.

World Habitat Day this year has taken on the theme “Public Spaces for All” as chosen by the United Nations focusing special attention on this basic need of the human.