Members of Sri Lanka Police, Sri Lanka Air Force, Child Protection Authority and government institutions as well as sportsmen/women, teachers, parents, scholars from various fields, university students and representatives of organizations which work for children participated in the walking.

The President put his signature on the plaque of “Daruvan Pana Men Surakimu’ and inscribed a sentence dedicated to children.

President Sirisena, speaking at this occasion stated that the parents have an immense responsibility in protecting the children. He added it is an unneglectable duty of parents to pay regular attention on their children.

He also emphasized the government, in connection with Education Ministry will implement a special program to make teachers and principals knowledgeable about the protecting of children.

Minister of Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media Mr. GayanthaKarunathilaka, Chairman of SLRC Attorney at Law Mr. Ravi Jarawardena, Director General of SLRC Prof. Sunil Shantha and Director General of Police N. K. Illangakoonalso participated in this event.