Occurrences of natural disasters due to extreme weather conditions such as droughts, floods and landslides frequently deprive lives and livelihoods of the people in Sri Lanka.

We consider that transfer of technology to developing countries will ensure that people will be able to address the need of adaptation and nationally suitable mitigation actions.

Even though our per capita emission is low and insignificant in the global sense, we have contributed and will contribute to global mitigation efforts. On the domestic front, I am glad to declare that Sri Lanka has launched several Climate Smart Initiatives.

We recognize the historic initiative of Malta in 1988 which led to the launching of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Sri Lanka has communicated our intended nationally determined contributions to the UNFCCC as part of the upcoming Climate Agreement.

It is necessary to have deep cuts in global greenhouse gas emissions by the developed countries considering the historical responsibility.

We need to embrace the principle of common but different responsibilities and respective capabilities in order to keep the temperature increase below two degrees Celsius in this century.

The Sri Lankan Delegation looks forward to the success of COP21 in Paris and to have agreement on an extended legally binding climate agreement with deep emission-cuts to mitigate the greenhouse gas emissions, and to reduce the global warming and unprecedented climate change impacts.

In conclusion, Mr. Chairman it is Sri Lanka’s fervent hope that for the sake of both present and future generations, the Commonwealth Climate Action, would help to bridge the large void that clouds this debate at the moment.

As a Buddhist I strongly believe that Gautama Buddha was the greatest environmentalist who was born to this world. Lord Buddha was the first visionary to speak about the concept of sustainable development.

On behalf of my delegation I wish to thank the organizers for the kind hospitality and helping to make this event a success.

Thank you.