In the absence of Minister of Parliament Reforms and Mass Media Gayantha Karunathjilake who is currently overseas on an official visit, the Deputy Minister Karunarathne Paranavithana and the Additional Secretary Vajira Narampanawa hoisted the National Flag. Thereafter singing the National Anthem was followed by observance of two minutes silence to commemorate the war heroes and others who sacrificed their lives on behalf of the motherland. Reading aloud the Oath of Public Servants also took place.

Delivering a brief speech, the Deputy Minister said the Ministry has to undertake number of duties this new year such as formulate facilitate, implement, monitor and evaluate policies and strategies in order to establish a people friendly, development – oriented, free and responsible Sri Lankan media culture tin promoting good governance.

He further pointed out that the Ministry has much responsibility to assure freedom of expression, to develop the media industry and to improve the welfare of every personnel in the media field. He further said that with the establishment of media freedom there is room to express opinions without hindrance and that the Right to Information Bill (RTI) is another promise fulfilled by the good governance government to strengthen the people’s democratic rights. He said that the Right to Information Bill (RTI) will be presented to Parliament in mid-January

The Secretary to the Ministry Vajira Narampanawa offering new year wishes said that wishes alone is not sufficient to succeed but there should be dedication, determination and commitment to one's work.

He further added that everyone should dedicate themselves to fulfill the Institutional and the national responsibilities rather than their personnel objectives while on duty.