The members of this unity, during a press conference held at the Department of Government Information yesterday (19), said that they have planned to prepare draft proposals including necessary resolutions to protect the Sri Lankan tele industry from dangerous impacts such as imported mega teledramas, telecast time for teledramas and advertiesments and minimum price for tele productions etc.
It was noted that long dragging multi episode imported teledramas which are named as 'Mega teledramas' have made a dangerous impact intellectually on the viewers and economically on almost all the independent artistes involved in the industry. It was also found that these type of Mega teledrama productions are promoting wrong social values and destroying aesthetic interest and affecting one's thinking pattern.
This was the first time such a discussion is to be held in Sri Lanka and therefore the local teledrama artistes unity invites all the artists, civil organizations and other activists related to this field to take part in this discussion on January 28.
MP Nalinda Jayathissa, teledrama directors, producers, popular artists and social activists were present at the press conference yesterday (19).