"A prosperous Sri Lanka could be build by affirming the freedom in the society. History proves that our unsurpassed historic glory had emerged only within periods that citizens have lived freely and independently.

"All Sri Lankans today are proudly celebrating the 68th Independence Day, commemorating the phenomenon of Sri Lanka being established as a sovereign state ending the colonialism.

"Constitutional amendments and reforms are underway to affirm the true independence expected by the public without remaining the question for the public that whether the public had enjoyed a meaningful freedom by understanding the true meaning of the independence, within the past 68 years after the independence.

"Man is the one who struggles for freedom and one who deprives himself the same. Hence, the responsibility of protecting the gained freedom also bestows on people.

"Let’s pledge to act united in this 68th independence celebrations to build a prosperous Sri Lanka, by understanding that freedom, which is an intimate need is a spiritual force.

"Let’s offer the salutation of the nation to all the patriots who have sacrificed their lives on behalf of the independence of our motherland."

Gayantha Karunathilaka