According to the Minister, a dialogue is on throughout the country supporting the drafting despite the criticism of extremist and politically bankrupt groups with next to nothing public recognition.

Minister made these observations yesterday (16) at the seminar held for the media personnel on “proposed constitutional reform” in Colombo.

“President Maithreepala Sirisena at the Cabinet said there was no need of drafting a constitution as required by the foreign countries, it has to be done with the ideas of the civil organizations, citizens of the country, scholars and the political parties,” said Minister.

“The constitution of a country is not a useless document but the main document of the country. Therefore, it is impossible to create a constitution within one or two days. It should be done after informing the people, discussing with them and by following a transparent process”, he added.

MP Dr.Jayampathi Wickremarathne and the senior attorney J.C. Weliamuna played active roles in this seminar.

Deputy Minister of Parliamentary reforms and mass media Karunarathne Paranawithana, Secretary to the ministry Wajira Narampanawa, the Director General of Department of Government Information Department Dr. Darshanee Gunathilake were also present.