Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media Ministry in association with the Department of Government Information will hold an international Conference in Colombo under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena to commemorate the International Right to Information Day.

According to the Minister of Parlimentary Reforms and Mass Media GayanthaKarunatilleke, by now all arrangements have been made to hold this conference at the Jaic Hilton Hotel on September 28 and 29 under the theme “Right to Information and Media Reforms”. About 20 Regional and International foreign delegates from the academia will participate at the event.

The Conference will have two main objectives. First, is the exchange of regional and international experience and technical knowledge on the implementation of the Right to Information Act. This would enable Sri Lanka to implement the Right to Information Act more efficiently and effectively by utilizing the facts and opportunities provided by the Conference. It would be very useful for Sri Lanka to share the experience of South Asian countries such as India, Maldives and Pakistan in overcoming challenges in implementing the Right to Information Act.

The Second objective of the Conference is to organize an effective discussion on necessary mass media reforms for the establishment of a reliable political culture based on democracy and good governance. It is expected to exchange capacities and knowledge of each participating country in expanding media usage through aspects such as media ethics, regulation methods training as well as the use of smart phones. This will provide an opportunity for Sri Lanka to receive knowledge and practical experience of media veterans from South Asia ,Canada and Europe.

Since a public discussion on an Independent Media Commission and a Regulatory Authority is on way the Conference will be a useful source of guidance in that regard.

Local academics in relevant fields as well as media organizations, civil society organizations have been invited for the Conference. The public also has a limited opportunity to participate. Those interested could apply through the websites or