President Maithripala Sirisena expressed confidence that the outcome of the Second Summit of the ‘Asia Co-operation Dialogue’ would bring about a common policy helping to enhance peace, security and prosperity among the countries in ACD Region.

“In the coming years, Asia will be the new financial hub, the focal point for the financial services industry, he said that ACD leaders endorse the ‘ACD vision 2030’ and the roadmap for ACD regional cooperation, with the objective of further building up ACD’s role as an active forum for dialogue.”

Speaking at the Second Summit of the ‘Asia Co-operation Dialogue’ in Bangkok today (October 10), President Sirisena said as an emerging economy Sri Lanka’s aim to achieve the High Income Developed Country Status.  A series of mega projects to promote economic growth has been put into action, he said.

The President stated that there is a large potential in the ACD Region in the field of tourism.  “This could play a crucial role in sustainable social, cultural and economic growth in our countries. Sri Lanka identified tourism as one of the key sectors driving the country’s economy,” he said.

“We consider that Development of Science and Technology are important features to promote economic development,” President Sirisena said.

Many leaders and high-level representatives from the member countries participate in the ACD Summit. They include the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam, the Amir of Kuwait, Prime Minister of Bhutan, Prime Minister of Cambodia, President of Iran, Prime Minister of Laos and Prime Minister of Malaysia.