The second reading of the Appropriation Bill for year 2017 (Budget Speech) will be presented by the Finance Minster Ravi Karunanayake today in Parliament.

The second reading will commence at 2. 00 p.m. The Bill titled “Appropriation” was tabled in the House by the Finance Minister on 20th October.

According to Minister Karunanayake, this budged has focused its primary attention towards strengthening the country’s national economy.

He also said that priority has been given to the people’s proposals in preparing Budget 2017 and, the needs and views of the people were taken into consideration in order to make them representatives in Budget 2017. The minister said that among the wide range of groups whose views are included in the budget are: Farmers, fishermen, laborers, small, medium and large scale entrepreneurs, self-employed, industrialists, investors, trade union representatives, civil organizations, political parties, professionals, university teachers, professors and religious leaders.

The budget to be presented today is the 70th budget in Independence Sri Lanka. It is the 3rd budget of the Good Governance government. This year’s theme of the budget is “Towards rapid development with benefits to all”.