Minister of Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media Gayantha Karunathilake december 03rd visited Dr. Edwin Ariyadasa to wish him for his 95th birthday. At the Lake House, he was a member of the Editorial Staff of most of the Lake House Publications. He was on the Editorial Staff of DivainaDaily NewsSunday ObserverSilumina, Janatha and was the Editor – in – Chief of "Navanugaya".
He initiated the study of Mass Communication at the Higher Education in Sri Lanka. He formulated the first syllabus to teach mass communications at the University of Kelaniya. Also, he was associated with the introduction of media studies at the Open University of Sri Lanka. He was highly influential in the inauguration of the Diploma of Mass Communications at the University of Colombo.
Edwin Ariyadasa is appraised for introducing new Sinhala terms for English terms such as Antarjalaya' (Internet), `Madya Rupa' (media images) and `Sajivikaranaya'