The Electrical engineers say the electricity generation could successfully commence when the water level rises in the reservoirs during the upcoming rainy season.
The Moragahakanda hydro-electricity plant built within a shortest period of time in the history of the country.
The Plant was built near the Moragahakanda main dam and the electricity will be generated using four turbines. This will consist of two 7.5 Megawatt Turbines and another two 5 Megawatt Turbines.
The water released after operating turbine machines of 7.5 megawatts, will be taken to Mahakanadara Reservoir through Ihala Elahera cannel. The water released by operating of turbines of 5 megawatts will be sent to Ambanganga and then to Giritale, Minneriya, Kavudulla and Kantale reservoirs through old Elahera cannel.
The Moragahakanda reservoir is situated at 132 meter height from the sea level. When the water level of the reservoir increased to 165 meters from the sea level the power plant will be operated. When it reaches the highest level 185 meters the power will be generated.