The President made these remarks addressing a public rally held in Jaffna, yesterday (05). The opening of this road will help to reduce the total distance people have to travel by 50 Kilometers the President said, adding that as the President, he will fulfill his responsibilities irrespective of differences to deliver the benefits of the development in a fair manner to the people in Jaffna too.
President Sirisena emphasized that he is committed to build national reconciliation and peace in the country and further said that he is ready to do whatever sacrifice to achieve this objective. The people in the North as well as in the South elected him as the President of this country with the aspiration of creating a free and democratic society, the President said. He added that during the past three years he has done significant work in this regard.
Already 75% of the process of releasing the lands to the displaced persons in Jaffna has been completed and the remaining lands will also be released to the people shortly, he said.
Addressing the gathering, the President recalling the voices of the people about the missing persons said that he is committed to doing justice in this regard. The President further said that he is ready to provide every possible assistance to the family members of the missing persons to ensure their well being and assured that upon their requests he is ready to hold discussions with them at any time.