A special meeting to discuss setting up of an action plan for elimination of bribery and corruption, coordinated by the Presidential secretariat was held at the Department of Government Information, yesterday (Feb 13).
As a powerful movement of people against corruption, bribery fraud and malpractices and to lead the country towards a prosperous era, this programme will create a broad political and social culture, empower and strengthen the administrative system and will make the judiciary system and law enforcing authorities proper and correct.
This is based on the Presidents dedication towards building a country deprived of fraud and corruption, being aware of the current challenges ahead as a nation, providing vigour and strength to stand up as one nation.
Everyone is invited to join this programme as a pillar of the force that stand against fraud and corruption eliminating corruption, fraud, waste, and bribery and malpractices. You are requested to send your valuable ideas to National Movement Against Waste and Corruption, Presidential Secretariat, Colombo 01. before 1st of march 2018, or to the fax number 011-2431502 or to the e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .
For further details, Rajika Kodithuwakku (attorney-at-law) on 076 4654600 or A N R Amarathunga on 077 5770882 can be contacted.