The Japanese Prime Minister made these remarks during the special banquet hosted by him at the Prime Ministers Office in Tokyo, yesterday (14) in honour of the visiting President Maithripala Sirisena.
The Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe warmly welcomed the President when he arrived at the venue.
Expressing his views, President Sirisena said that the two countries have agreed to further strengthen the investment and cooperation programmes between Japan and Sri Lanka during the meetings held last few days between the two countries.
President Sirisena further stated that Japan has always been a close friend of Sri Lanka and it is expected to broaden these ties in every possible field.
Sri Lanka and its people have a great respect towards Japan as a main country which provides assistance, President Sirisena said.
The Japanese Prime minister used this occasion to offer good wishes for the 70th National Independence Anniversary of Sri Lanka.
The Actress who performed the character of Oshin in the famous Tele- series Oshin and other members were present in this event.