During his visit to Iran, the President is expected to obtain many economic and developmental benefits to Sri Lanka.
Iran, as the one of the largest oil and natural gas producing and exporting nations, has secured a significant place in the world.
Iran also provides its assistance in many development activities in Sri Lanka. The Government of Iran has invested in the field of Sri Lankas oil refinery to double its capacity to boost output and reduce the cost of importing refined fuels.
Furthermore, Iran is one of the key countries to support Sri Lanka to meet the rural electricity demand.
This is the first state visit to Iran by President Sirisena after assuming duties as President.
The official meeting between the President and the Iran President will be held tomorrow and it is expected to sign new MoUs to further strengthen the economic and trade ties between the two countries.
President Sirisena also scheduled to attend a special Investment and Trade Forum organized by the Iran Chamber of Commerce. During his visit to Iran the President will also visit the Parliament of Iran.