A large number of Islamic religious leaders and a large number of Islamists were present at the event. They also made the blessings of the country for peace, harmony and national reconciliation.

Addressing the gathering, Hon. Maithripala Sirisena, the Honorable President of the United Nations, said that this is a unique opportunity for people to work together towards reconciliation and reconciliation.

President Rajapaksa said that the expectation of reconciliation and reconciliation is the expectation of the people of the country as well as the current government, as a permanent peace and harmony between all communities. As a result, all sacrifices will be made as a government.

The Islamic religious leaders have appreciated the measures taken by the government for national reconciliation.

The President also presented the first copy of the Sinhala language book of Alukawana.

Ministers Faizer Mustapha, Rauff Hakeem, Rishard Badurdeen, Abdul Haleem, State Minister AHM Fowzie. Minister of External Affairs Prof. GL Peiris and other distinguished invitees were present at the occasion.