The former Prime Minister who engaged in a friendly conversation with the President brought back to memory the historical friendship the two countries shared with each other.
President Sirisena who expressed appreciation over the Sri Lankan visit of the former Prime Minister of Japan, extended a special invitation to him to visit Sri Lanka again in the future.
The former Prime Minister of Yukiyo Hatoyama has arrived to Sri Lanka to participate in the ceremony of laying of the foundation stone of the Sadaham Sewa building which is being built newly in the Polgasowita Daham Sewana Vihara International Buddhist Centre.
The new building which is being built with the personal finances of Mr Hatoyama is composed of 17 floors and the estimated amount is Rs. 2500 million. At this center, English and Japanese languages will be taught to the students residing within the area where a Vocational Training Centre is also to be established.
The former Japanese Prime Minister who exchanged ideas with President Sirisena regarding the welfare issues, said that he expects to make his contribution on the projects related with reducing the traffic congestion in Sri Lanka and providing clean water to the people.
Chief Incumbent of Daham Sewana International Buddhist Centre, Ven. Suduhumpola Vimalasara Thero and representatives of Japan were present in this event.