Thus, the development is conducted under 4 sections where the new piriven building complex and the residence of sangha is built spending Rs.150 million. Presenting this for the usage of sangha will take place under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena on the 27th of June on the day where Poson poya day falls.

Repairing the internal system of vihara, completing the deficiencies of the procedure of the education linked to pirivena, composing the new environment, building wahalkada and the wall as well as building the Dolosmahe lamp in a modernized way, building meditation lodges for monks building a breathtaking pond in the premises of vihara and other developments are already taking place.

The Dibulagala Aranya Senasanaya was well renowned and worshipped as a sacred place of importance by both local visitors as well as tourists

According to the history the ancient kings and the lineage provided state sponsorship for the Buddhist activities taken place in the Dibulagala sacred premises.

King Wijayabhu the First brought stone masons from India and made 500 caves of stone and presented it to Venerable Maha Kashyapa Sangharaja Thero says the history and that this historical offering was made in a poson full moon poya day.

President Maithripala Sirisena is also paying his special attention to the development process of the historical Dibulagala sacred premises as the present leader of the country and it is significant that the special development activities taking place after the times of ancient kings are also taking place exactly on a full moon poya day.