Educated at C.W.W. Kannangara Vidyalaya, Matugama, Chamara began his journalism career at the Lakbima newspaper. He also served as a journalist at the Rivira and Irudina newspapers. He was a Masters graduate in Political Science and a widely respected media personality.
Chamara was the founding editor of Resa, the newest Lake House publication and was recently appointed Editor in Chief of Silumina, the companys flagship newspaper. He was its youngest ever editor. In both these roles, his passion and vision shone through, as the newspapers soared to new heights under his visionary leadership. He was at the helm for a short time, but they were revolutionary months at the two newspapers. The outstanding teams he built at Resa and Silumina, the young journalists he mentored, will stand testimony to his legacy.
Chamara had a way with words. He was a supremely talented writer and dedicated journalist. He was passionate about sports and an avid political history enthusiast. He was renowned for his ability to recall sporting statistics and historical anecdotes in the blink of an eye