He made these remarks attending the Global Expert Group Meeting on the Jakarta Principles held in Colombo, yesterday (25).
The Jakarta Principles are a set of principles adopted by experts and practitioners to strengthen the effectiveness of anti-corruption authorities around the world. They are enshrined in the Jakarta Statement on Principles for Anti-Corruption Agencies, adopted in November 2012 at a meeting in Jakarta, Indonesia, bringing together current and former heads of anti-corruption authorities, anti-corruption practitioners and experts.
President Sirisena said that the power and corruption join together and further said that bribery and corruption, crime and drugs are the main challenges faced by the developed as well as developing countries in the world.
President Sirisena recalled that how he worked with commitment to abolish the excessive powers vested in the Executive Presidency fulfilling a main pledge given at the 2015 Presidential Election.
The President said that the establishment of the Independence Commissions, Commission to Investigate Bribery or Corruption and ensuring the Judicial independence are the victories achieved by the public in this country.
President Sirisena said that even though it was 25 years since the Bribery Commission has been established, that organization did not have enough powers to eradicate fraud and bribery, and added that the 19th Amendment to the Constitution has enabled to establish a completely independent bribery commission.
The President said that the government to fully committed to move forward together with the international originations lead by the United Nations and stated that he expected cooperation and assistance to take legal action against the criminals who indulge in corrupt practices and illegal fraudulent deals while hiding in foreign countries.
The President said although the corrupt politicians and the government officers work together to prevent the anti corruption program, he is determined to carry forward the anti corruption drive despite any hurdle on this path.
Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption program of Indonesia Laode M Syarif said lauded the anti corruption drive of President Sirisena. He pointed out that President Sirisenas presence at the Global Expert Group Meeting on the Jakarta Principles reflects his determination to fight corruption and it would strengthen the global fight against corruption.
Attorney General, Jayantha Jayasuriya, Bribery Commission Chairman, former Justice T.B. Weerasooriya, Presidents Counsel, Director General Sarath Jayamanne, and other commissioners and Candice Weisch, Head of Anti Corruption Economics Crimes branch of the United Nations, Program Manager of the UNDPs Global Anti corruption Initiative, Commissioner of the Anti-Corruption program of Indonesia Laode M Syarif, Malaysias Attorney-General and Anti Corruption Chief, Tan Sri Abu Kassim bin Mahomed, Secretary to the President Udaya. R. Sanaviratne, former Secretary to the President Austin Fernando, and representatives of civil societies were present in this event.