The Presidential Task Force appointed by President Maithripala Sirisena to monitor the development projects conducted in Northern and Eastern provinces where the development activities retarded due to the war held its first meeting, chaired by the President at the Presidents office yesterday(30).
President Sirisena insisted that that people should be provided immediate benefits making that development programme more efficient and systematic.
President also mentioned that even though the government has done a considerable amount of work to uplift and the lives of the people and develop infrastructure in the Northern and Eastern provinces the people are not sufficiently aware of it.
The President also said that government has obtained positive results in the programme conducted to build national reconciliation and co- existence among the people within those provinces.
President Sirisena also mentioned that the government is also looking forward to pay more attention to rebuild the lives of the people of the Northern and Eastern provinces which were shattered due the war prevalent for 26 years and to bring these two provinces to the development level of other provinces of the island.
The Prime Minister also serves as a member of that Task Force. The Task Force comprises of 15 cabinet ministers, governors and the chief ministers of the two provinces, several secretaries of the ministries and Tri- forces commanders.
The Task Force will review the progress of the development projects that are being implemented in the Northern and Eastern provinces and plans to further develop new projects. The new development programme will implement considering the priority needs of the people.
Under this initiative a number of new development activities have been identified in the North and East, and most of which are due to be launched in the near future.
Under the programme to build 50,000 houses for the people in the North and East, the construction works to build 25,000 will commence in August and another 10,000 houses will be constructed by January 2019.
About 1847 km of roads in the two provinces will be developed. The development works of the Myliddy Fisheries Harbour in Jaffna will be commenced in the near future.
It is also planned to develop all infrastructure facilities including rural roads in the two provinces, drinking water, and irrigation facilities, economic centers, schools, hospitals and health centers.
A comprehensive programme will be implemented to develop livelihood of the people and it is planned to launch over 20 projects including the re-establishment of the Ampara Sugar Factory, Batticaloa Paper Factory and Rice Mill.
These rapidly accelerated development projects are expected to bring a new transformation into the lives of the people of the two provinces.