The President made these remarks participating in a ceremony to open the two-storey classroom building at the Hawanpitiya Tamil Central College in Welikanda, yesterday (02).
60 projects out of 180 development projects which have been completed under the Pibidemu Polonnaruwa (Awakening of Polonnaruwa) District Development Programme vested in the public yesterday (02) under the patronage of President Maithripala Sirisena with the participation of Ministers, MPs and scholars.
In development drive the schools, hospitals, roads, water supply scheme, housing, playgrounds and religious places in the district will be developed for the benefit of the people eliminating developmental disparities occurred to the Polonnaruwa district for a long period of time. The people in the area joined these programmes very enthusiastically.
It is significant that these projects will provide more benefits for the children who are ready to take the future of this country into their hands. Development projects launched in nearly 40 schools in the district were vested with the students yesterday.
The President engaged in a cordial discussion with the students after opening of the two-storey classroom building at the Hawanpitiya Tamil Central College.
The students of the school appraised the President regarding the clean drinking water issue of the school and the President promised to provide necessary funds to get water purification system for the school and to complete various shortages in the school including constructing security fence of the school, development of the playground and to build new auditorium.
Deputy Ministers Ajith Mannaperuma and Ali Zahir Moulana participated on this occasion and expressing his views at this occasion Deputy Minister Ajith Mannaperuma said that President Maithripala Sirisenas name will be carved in the history as a leader who awake the glory of the ancient capital of Sri Lanka, the city of Polonnaruwa, once again with the completion of as many as 180 projects.
The President also opened the newly built two- storied classroom building at the Welikanda Katuwanvila Muslim Junior School. The students of the school warmly received the President when he arrived at the school. Minister Faizer Mustapha and others participated on this occasion. President Sirisena also joined in opening of the Aralaganwila Divisional Education Office.
The three floors building containing 36 class rooms of Vilayaya Central College was vested with the students by the President. The amount spent for this is Rs.63.75 million.
The President also presented a gift to Chenuli Lehansa Nallaperuma who won the 6th place from Asia region from world chess championships and won the 1st place in Island wide.
Prabath Malinga Jayasundara who won the Island wide awards from the field of music and W.M. Sanchitha Udara were also presented with gifts by the President.
Meanwhile, several development projects in Aranaganwila regional hospital were also vested with the students by the President. Laboratories, clinics, and the second stage of the new administrative hall built spending Rs.22.52 million and the kidney testing and clinic building was also vested with the people.
The medical office of Aralaganwila built spending Rs.39 million was also vested with the people by the President.
Granting numerous projects for the people took place under the patronage of ministers and experts.
The new classroom building for the students of Welikanda Sugaladevi Primary School was vested with the students by Chief Minister of Southern Province Shan Wijayalal de Silva, and State Minister Champika Premadasa, Vice Chancellor of University of Colombo Prof. Lakshman Dissanayake.
The Vice Chancellor Prof. Lakshman Dissnayake said that the political vision of the current President who accomplishes his duties so accurately is a role model to all public representatives. He said that the people, of the country may enter prosperity during his tenure.
Meanwhile starting the construction of Thrikonamaduwa Islamic school started today by Minister Faiszer Musthapa and Member of Parliament S.M.Marikkar.
Dana shala of Manapitiya Gage Devala was opened by Eastern Province Governor Rohitha Bogollagama, Member of Parliament Harshana Rajakaruna, and former Chief Minister of North Central Province Peshala Jayarathna.. The Vice Chancellor of Sabaragamuwa University Prof.Sunil Shantha was also present in this event.
The construction of the two floor building of Devalegama Primary School commenced by Minister Thalatha Athukorala and governor of Western province Hemakumara Nanayakkara.
The construction of the new class room building of kalingawila junior school of Walikanda divisional secretariat and the construction of the laboratory, commensed by Minister Ravindra Samaraweera, Member of Parliament Malik Jayathilake, and the vice chancellor of Uva Wellassa university Dr.J.L. Rathnasekara.
The new residence building of Sangha of Dehiaththakandiya Salasumgama Siri Dharmaraja Vihara was opened by State Minister Weerakumara Dissanayake and the Governor of the Central Province Niluka Ekanayake.
The water purification system built spending Rs.26 lacks was also opened by the participants.
The self banking unit of Sewanapitiya Peoples Bank was also opened by Minister Gamini Jayawickrama Perera, State Minister Lankshman Seneviratne, and Vice Chancellor of Rajarata University Prof.Ranjith Wijaywardana.