Achieving sustainable development goals is to make the country and the nation victorious, President Maithripala Sirisena said and invited all citizens including political leaders, academics, private sector, entrepreneurs and school children to join hands to achieve success in attaining these goals.
He made these remarks participating in the launching ceremony of the National Sustainability Discourse held at the BMICH, yesterday (06).
The first draft of the Vision 2030 document was presented to the President by Prof. Mohan Munasighne , the Chairman of the Expert Committee on Sustainable Development.
The National Sustainability Discourse is operative in an efficient manner to obtain the ideas of all. This will implement in every province of the country. Through this process the public will get an opportunity to identify the issues which are revealed or un revealed and to directly engage in the dialogue.
The main objective of this programme is to prepare a plan to determine the long-term economic, social and environmental goals of the country over the next 12 years while displaying the capabilities of Sri Lanka. It is targeted to attract the engagement of young people, academics and professionals in this discourse. The report will be updated according to the feedback of the parties.
President Sirisena also launched the website of the National Sustainability Discourse and there is provision to join this dialogue through mobile App. One can also join this through www.nsd.lkwebsite.
Addressing the gathering, President Sirisena presented two special proposals to the National Sustainability Discourse. Its about trying to find a viable solution to the human-elephant conflict and find solutions for the issues arisen as a result of animals destroying more than 32 percent of the countrys food production.
Accusations and criticisms regarding these issues have been there since a long period of time; even though governments have conducted different programs on these proper solutions were not provided said the President. He invited everyone, including those who make accusations to submit suggestions and proposals despite any party or political barriers and added that anyone can present those suggestions meeting him in private.
Thus the sustainable development topic is being open to dialogue, criticism, conversation and discussion and the criticisms will be happily expected yet what is needed are solutions and suggestions that could be practically conducted, said the President.
Meanwhile presenting ideas on the current development program the President invited all the engineers living abroad to come to Motherland to contribute to the program for reconstructing 24 reservoirs conducted simultaneous to Moragahakanda-Kalugaga irrigation development program.
President who made open invitations to the engineers asked them to be in Srii Lanka even for a little period of time in order to accomplish their duties to the Motherland
President Sirisena presented the draft related to the sustainable development discussion to several children representing school students.
Ministers and MPs, including the Minister of Sustainable development, Wildlife and Regional Development Field Marshal Sarath Fonseka, former Prime Minister D.M.Jayarathne and other distinguished guests, Secretary to the President Mr. Udaya R.Seneviratne, and other government officials, diplomats, local and foreign representatives, Chairman of Sustainable Development Vision of Sri Lanka Prof.Mohan Munasighe and other members were present in this event.