The loans given under the loan scheme operated through the state and private banks are over Rs. 49,176 million.
On June 22, 2018, the Enterprise Sri Lanka Government Grant Scheme was officially inaugurated by the President and the Prime Minister. Sixteen interest relief loans were introduced under the program launched to provide a new generation of entrepreneurs. The significance of these loan schemes is to pay the entire interest or interest on the loan to the banks on behalf of the government.
Jaya Isura, Situra Piyasa, Medium Aruna, Startup, Green Credit and Middle Income Housing Loans. From self-employed persons to large scale entrepreneurs, from Rs. 50,000 to Rs 750,000.
Three loan schemes are also being implemented under foreign lending assistance. Solar Power Generation, Small and Medium Enterprise Loans and Clean Ganga are among the loans. Recently, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) provided Rs 8000 million to Sri Lanka for the Solar powered Solar Power Plant (FDL) powered by factories and houses.
Most of the loans have been obtained by the entrepreneurs under the loan scheme and gold loan schemes provided for commercialization and export of agro-industries. 6022 under the loan scheme. The loan is provided from five lakhs to Rs. 750 lakhs under three categories. 6.75 per cent of the floating rate, which is 13.5 per cent for issuing loans, is paid to the relevant banks for the loan.
1749 people have obtained loans under the Govomodo Loan Scheme. This loan scheme will be implemented with the objective of mechanically and mechanically agricultural activities targeting farmer organizations and small farmers. A loan of Rs. 500,000 will be provided for this and 75% of the interest rate will be paid to the relevant banks by the government. The borrower must pay a rate of 3.38%.
The housing scheme consists of a housing loan scheme called "Situru Piyasa" for ordinary citizens to fulfill their housing needs. Accordingly, the highest number of loans amounting to Rs. 200,000 has been granted to 11711 people. Half of this is paid by the government.
All these loans are released by state and private banks and most of the loans are provided by Bank of Ceylon. The amount is 11,807. In addition, the Regional Development Bank has issued 5612 loans, 2983 from the National Savings Bank and 1402 loans from the Bank ofare. Private banks also provide substantial loans.
Minister of Finance and Mass Media Mangala Samaraweera said that the Government's determination to make the Government's program of creating a lucrative 100,000 entrepreneurs will be successful in paying more than 5,300 million rupees in support of the Sri Lankan Government Subsidy Loan Scheme. . Minister of Finance and the Minister of Mass Media Mangala Samaraweera said that the progress of the loan will be reviewed once every three months in relation to these loans.