Although the Opposition criticizes the US inquiring into the detainees of the Easter Sunday terror attacks, the government has cooperated with various agencies all over the world who combat extremism, Defence State Minister Ruwan Wijewardene said in Parliament yesterday.

He said hence the government has had to cope up with the UK, France and Russia as well. He said that MP Weerawansa made such a statement. He also said that although the Opposition attempted to create a fake Boogeyman image about the USA, it attempts to select a American citizen for their Presidential candidate.

He made these observations joining the debate on the extension of the Emergency Regulations by another one month.

State Minister Wijewardene said that the Emergency Regulations is extended by a month after consulting with the various security agencies in the country. He also said that the Emergency Law is extended not to subvert the trade unions or their actions.

He also said that the Kandy procession is to be held next month and a large crowd would come to the watch it. Security has already been strengthened in the Central Province. He also said that the Dondra procession is to be held and church feasts are to be held in the near future. “Due to these reasons the government seeks to extend the Emergency regulations to provide security to them,” State Minister Wijewardene said.

He also said following the Easter Sunday terror attacks by Islamic extremists, the Security Forces could arrest all those who assisted Zahran. However, we are taking measures to arrest those who listened to Zahran’s lecturers. In this endeavour, Zahran’s wife’s brother could be arrested.

He said that MP Weerawansa alleged that government assisted US informants. “However, extremism is existing all over the world.So we have had to cope up with all who work against extremism,” the State Minister said.

“We have had to work with the UK, France as well as with Russia. Hence, the FBI officers went to Welisara to meet those detainees.”

He added the opposition attempts to create an unnecessary image on the US investigations. But the Opposition is attempting to select a US citizen as their Presidential Candidate.