the monthly salary of all Public Servants will be increased by a minimum amount of Rs.3000.00 and, a maximum of Rs.24,000.00 per month effective from January 2020. This salary increment will be granted in addition to the salary increment which was granted up to 107 percent by 2020 comparing to the basic salary that prevailed in 2015.
As a result of this new salary increment, salary anomalies existed in different sectors of the Public Service will be removed. The President had appointed a 15-Member Salary Review Commission headed by S Ranugge to make recommendations to remove the salary anomalies in the Public Sector.
As a result, the salary of all Public workers will be further increased from January 2020 and, especially the salary anomalies that were reported to be in certain public sector organizations inclusive of the Railway and the Postal services will be removed.
In order to remove the anomalies in the railway department a new Salary scale as TL with an initial monthly salary of Rs 36,095 has been created for Railway Supervisory management Service. The Salary scale MT 1 has been placed under the initial salary step of Rs 34,415 for Railway Engine Driver Aide. Therefore, there is no need for Railway workers to continue the ongoing trade union action demanding a solution to their salary anomalies.
As per the earlier salary proposals under PA Circular 3/2006, the minimum basic salary of a Primary Level Public Servant will be increased to Rs.24,250.00 by 2020 from Rs.11,730.00 in 2015. Under the recommendations of the Ranugge Salary Commission, this will be further increased by Rs.3000 to Rs.27,250.00 per month.
Comparing to this salary increment, the Over Time Allowance for nearly 1.1 million public servants will also be increased. In addition, as all these salary increments are added to the basic salary, all employees in the Public Sector will be privileged to claim a higher amount of Disaster loans and Property loans as these are calculated based on the basic salary.
Rs.562 billion was paid as Public Sector Salaries in 2015 and, it has increased up to Rs.750 billion to date. Payment of pension which cost Rs. 157 billion in 2015 has now increased up to Rs.225 billion. The Government has decided to pay this increased new salary in two equal instalments from January 2020 and January 2021. It will cost an additional amount of Rs. 120 billion per year.
The formula of granting salary increment for the selected staff and the officers of the Public Service is as follows:
The increase of Basic Salary

Salary Code Designation Group 2015 Basic
Salary Rs
Salary by
the January 2020
The Basic salary
to be received on
the recommendation
of the new salary

PL I                Primary Level unskilled     11,730/=             24,250/=                      27,250/=
MN II              Management Asst.            13,990/=             28,940/=                     33,260/=
MN IV             Associate Officer               31,490/=             36,530/=                     36,530/=
SL I (III)          Executive                          22,935/=             47,615/=                     57,200/=
SL IV              Ministry Secretary            47,515/=               98,650/=                 122,625/=
*TL                 Technical (For CGR)            -                       -                                  36,095/=