The Sri Lanka Standards Institute has already formulated standard guidelines for the manufacture of 11 Covid-19 prevention products including face masks, hand wash, gloves etc, said the Higher Education, technology, Innovation, Information and Media Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardena during a media briefing held last day (May 12).

He said that if these products are to enter the export market, they definitely need the standards certification, adding that the Standards Institute officers had worked tirelessly round the clock during the curfew to formulate these standards. He said that these standards have been formulated in accordance with international standard specifications.

Addressing the media briefing the Director-General of the SL Standards Institute Dr. (Mrs) Siddhika Senaratne said that this is an opportune moment to market these products internationally, but it should be done in accordance with proper standards. Adding that the people of this country are not inclined to insist on proper standards, but appealed to the manufacturers to adhere to proper standards from the inception of their production ventures.