The Peradeniya University has created a website that uses ArtiFicial Intelligence (AI) technology to provide accurate statistical predictions on the number of patients and deaths due to COVID-19, that may be reported in the next 10 days. This site is known as A 14 COVID and can be accessed via the extension.

It has been developed by Research Engineers, Harshana Weligampola and Umar Marikkar of the Electrical and Electrical Engineering Department under the guidance of Prof. Janaka Ekanayake, of the Engineering Faculty. Prof. Vijitha Herath, senior lecturer Dr. Roshan Godaliyadda and Dr. Parakrama Ekanayake have supervised the effort.

Relevant predictions are made by matching the cases of COVID patients and deaths with past information and the specialty of the AI process is that the relevant system works like a trained and knowledgeable person, Dr. Roshan Godaliyadda said.

He added that this artificial intelligence technology system has been built taking into account situations in different countries as COVID is a global issue. Due to the development of this intelligence technology system focusing on the data from the countries where the Delta variant was spreading when it was not prevalent in Sri Lanka when the variant started spreading in the island the system was able to provide data which were very close to the actual number of reported cases and deaths, he added.

In addition to Sri Lanka, the site uses past corona data from countries such as Italy, Japan, Texas, USA and Nigeria for predictions. He also said that the future social, economic and educational process of the country can be shaped by using the high accuracy data provided by this website.