Mass Media Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardena says that the Government is not ready to suppress any media. The Minister of Mass Media said this yesterday (28) while joining the Debate on the Expenditure Head of the Ministry of Mass Media.

The Minister of Mass Media said that the Government is also working to raise the autonomy and professional status of journalists by introducing a programme of creating a vibrant media culture.

The Media Minister emphasized that the media has to play the key role in re-establishing   the country’s image which had been badly tarnished in the international arena due to the violence which erupted across Sri Lanka after months of protests.

The violence erupted after the “Aragalaya” (Struggle) had badly affected the country’s image.

The activities that took place during the last struggle, such as the blocking of roads, absence of Parliamentary proceedings and asking for ID cards even from foreigners who came to visit this country were on the front pages of the foreign media through various media including social media. Minister Dr. Gunawardena said that the country’s image has been greatly damaged due to this reason. It is not appropriate for this country to be repeatedly advertised in the world as a country with brutal people.

Accordingly, social media or any media should act in a manner that does not tarnish the country’s image

He further said that he will ensure that the work in his Ministry is carried out in a transparent manner without any fraud or corruption.