On International Workers' Day, it is important to recognize the significant role that the working people play in the economic progress of a country. In Sri Lanka, they have been a driving force behind the country overcoming challenges and leading the nation forward throughout history.

Last year, the country endured a severe economic collapse. The workers played a crucial role in patiently and courageously supporting the country as we waited to take the difficult initial steps in stabilizing the economy. As we celebrate this year's May Day, we should take the opportunity to show the world the pride of the workers of Sri Lanka.

It is crucial that we put the country first and not fall prey to narrow political interests at this critical juncture. The government has always worked to secure the rights of the working public. By ensuring their rights and privileges, we hope to create a brighter future where the value of labour is recognized.

The government is committed to protecting the Employees' Provident Fund, which was established for the benefit of the working people. Despite attempts by some parties to create undue fear regarding the Provident fund, I give my assurances that we will not allow it to be misused.

We invite all the working people of Sri Lanka to join hands as we undertake a new reformist path of building a prosperous Sri Lanka by 2048. We congratulate them on this meaningful International Labour Day where their rights are secured. The working people are a social force that can exert a stronger influence on the entire economic process of the country, and we must continue to value and support their contributions.

Ranil Wickremesinghe
Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka