Highways and Mass Media and Transport Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardhana, joined in a special observation of the Lumala Bicycle Manufacturing Company, which has been a leading bicycle manufacturing company in Sri Lanka for over 35 years and 3 generations.

The Minister’s special attention was paid to the electric bicycles (e-bikes) produced by the Lumala company, which manufactures more than 500,000 units of bicycles annually for the domestic and foreign markets.

The Minister observed the work performed by each division of this bicycle factory where cycles are produced locally with the contribution of various sectors of the institution. Many models are produced by the Lumala Company including electric bicycles that can run for about 100 kilometres in one charge, at a cost of less than one rupee per kilometre. Under this technology, ordinary electric bicycles, specially designed double-seated electric bicycles for tourists, special electric bicycles that can collect light waste including discarded plastic bottles, electric wheelchairs, electric bicycles with seats for passenger transport, and has introduced many product models including electric bicycles manufactured for mobile sales activities such as those of ice cream, sweets and the company has the ability to produce such bicycles on a large scale according to demand.

The management of the institute informed the Minister that there is a high demand for these electric bicycles in this country as well as in many countries including the United Kingdom, Europe, India, the United Arab Emirates, and the Middle Eastern states.

“It is essential that the people continue to be widely aware of the role of such institutions that engage in immense manufacture of products for the country. The country should see the services provided by such institutions, as an industry. We worked towards attracting a lot of public attention to the services provided by innovative institutions such as Vega. It is necessary to prepare such a planned program. For this purpose, more people will be aware of this by making use of the contribution of media organizations.

The people will especially, be aware of the financial and fuel savings made by the officials of the organization through the use of electric bicycles and the advantageous benefits that exist as a result. Awareness is very useful. Being able to provide transportation facilities using electricity instead of fossil fuels at a minimum cost will become a very effective alternative programme for the country in the face of the current financial crisis.”

Lumala’s Director CEO Tariq Miflal, Managing Director Asim Miflal, General Manager Ranjith Siriwardena and others were present during this tour of observation by the Minister.