Cabinet Spokesman Mass Media Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardhana said that a Cabinet sub-committee headed by the President and a 25-member expert committee headed by the Prime Minister’s Secretary to assist the

sub-committee have been appointed to prepare a national education policy framework in a way that suits the current world needs and present it to Parliament.

The minister speaking at the Cabinet press conference said that the expert committee has drafted the national education policy framework focusing on the relevant subject areas and subject matters.

He stated that the National Education Policy 2023-2033, which has been further improved by incorporating the observations and recommendations presented by the Ministerial Sub-Committee for these drafts, has been submitted to the Parliament’s Oversight Committee on Education to be submitted to the Parliament as a ten-year policy and then tabled in Parliament.

Explaining that this is a very special ten-year national education programme, the minister also mentioned that this has been implemented with the aim of creating a future generation of children with various talents, skills and creative abilities so that the entire education system fits the needs of the modern world.

The Cabinet Spokesperson further stated that the proposal presented by the President to present the new National Education Policy for further discussion in the Sectoral Committee and in the Parliament, which was prepared and finalised after extensive study of the views of all parties, was approved by the Cabinet.