A special discussion on the future development of Meegoda Ayurveda Hospital, which is more than forty years old, was held presided over by the Homagama Provincial Development Committee Chairman, Transport, Highways and Mass Media Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardhana. During the discussion, the Minister and other officials joined in a special observation of the treatment activities and development projects currently being carried out in the hospital premises.

Minister Gunawardhana speaking at the discussion said:”Meegoda Ayurvedic Hospital, which is a leading Ayurvedic hospital in the Western Province, which is run according to the local medical system, was started by then Health Minister Gamini Jayasuriya. Later, it was transferred under the control of the Provincial Council.

In the past, there was a plan to take it back to the central government and build it as a central government hospital. But as per the request of the Provincial Governor and the Provincial Chief Secretary, it has been understood that it is appropriate to give more space to carry out these activities by the Provincial Councils when more powers will be given to the Provincial system in the future.

The reason for that is because it is more practical for the central government to act as the national policy decision-making body. Accordingly, as the Provincial Development Committee Chairman, we have decided to operate the Meegoda Ayurveda Hospital under the Provincial Council without taking it over to the central government.

Accordingly, we hope that the Provincial Council will develop this hospital as a national neurology hospital where various experiments, research and learning processes will take place.

Right now, a huge majority of the country is facing neurological disorders. It is very timely to increase the quality of this hospital, where a large number of people are receiving outpatient and inpatient treatment, especially to attract tourists. Through this, there is also the possibility of creating a new means of acquiring dollars for the country.

At present, Ayurveda and Panchakarma treatments in Kerala region of India have become extremely popular among local as well as foreign tourists. Our aim is to raise this Ayurvedic treatment centre to such a level.

For that, a specific programme should be prepared and implemented for the development of this Ayurvedic Centre as a central institution not only for the Homagama, Meegoda areas but also for the whole of Sri Lanka by preparing the surrounding beautiful environment in a suitable manner.Starting a project to manage the old buildings and assets through the participation of the private sector will also be a solution to the lack of provision for the government at this time. Through that, I believe that it will be possible to make this institution an example for the country.”