Main Objective   
Assisting the management of the Ministry of Finance & Mass Media to achieve excellent performance by participating in the system of internal control of administration operations to achieve the mission of the Ministry.

   Role of the Division   
Assisting the management, to create a productive public service, while satisfying both internal and external customers.

   The Main Activities of the Division   

  • Maintain personal files of the internal staff of the Ministry, officers of the combined services , the personal files of SLAS officers transferred to the institutions coming under the Ministry, enrollment of staff, providing loans to the staff, Providing Agrahara Insurance & leave application duties.
  • Appointing Board of Directors to the Institutions which comes under the purview of the Ministry.
  • Taking Legal actions for the law-suits concerning the Ministry and its affliated institutions .
  • Operating State Printing Committee according to Financial Regulation 630.
  • Presenting Cabinet Memoranda.
  • Providing answers to Parliament Questions & duties of the Consultative Committee Meetings of the Ministry.
  • Guiding and directing administrative activities and management functions of the affliated institutions.
  • Functioning of Audit and Management Committees.
  • Guiding of HR activities of the affliated institutions .
  • Conducting disciplinary inquiries and preliminary investigations.
  • Conducting and organizing training and development programmes.
  • Managing Productivity and Quality Improvement programmes.
  • Handling of the grievances of the staff.
  • Maintenance and repairing of fixed assets of the Ministry.
  • Maintenance, Electricity, Water, Telephone Bills, Transport & Postal duties.
  • Assist in Foreign travels, Scholarships & Training programmes of the Ministry & the affliated institutions .
  • Duties of the Human Rights Commission.
  • Duties of the Public Petition Committee.
  • Duties of the leave applications regarding foreign leave of the employees in the Ministry & the affliated Institutions .
  • Supervision of activities of all the institutions coming under purview of the Ministry.

   Special programmes / Projects / Workshop   

  • Holding Management Meetings
  • Progress Review of the affiliated institutions of Ministry

   Forms / Acts / Regulations 

  • Financial Regulations
    E.g. FR 630
  • Establishment Code
  • Acts
    E.g. Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation Act
    Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation Act
    State Printing Corporation Act
    Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Act
  • Circulars
    E.g. Public Administration Circulars
    Management Services Circulars
    Internal Circulars
    Treasury Circulars
  • Other Guidelines
    E.g. Good Governance
    Tender Procedure & Procurement

   Main Hierarchy ( Designation, Contact Numbers )   


Mrs. Ramani Gunawardhana

Designation : Additional Secretary (Admin)
Telephone : 011-2513398
Fax : 011-2512346


Designation : Senior Assistant Secretary (Admin)
Telephone : 011-2514631
Fax : 011-2513462


 Mr. M.P. Bandara
Designation : Assistant Secretary (Admin)
Telephone : 011-2512524
Fax : 011-2513470

dsc 2600

Mrs. A. A. P. K. Amarasinghe
Designation : Translator
Telephone : 011-2514631
Fax : -