Main Objective and Goals

  • To assist the management of the Ministry of Parliamentary Reforms to achieve excellent performance by way of contributing to internal finance control and administration in performing the mission of the Ministry.
  • To maintain continuous monitoring on the progress of finance, administration and development activities of the Ministry of Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media and its affiliated institutions and inquiring, directing and reporting the current status to the Chief Accounting Officer while maintaining quality and regularity of administrative methods enabling the Chief Accounting Officer to perform the responsibilities and functions entrusted to him in effective realization of the mission of the Ministry

Main Function

Assisting the management and avoiding possible future occurrences of unnecessary financial loss and disgrace.

Other Functions

Special Programmes / Projects / Workshops  

  • Conducting Audit and Management Committee Meetings
  • Conducting unexpected investigations
  • Monitoring of regional transmission stations and provincial broadcasting stations
  • Monitoring the performance of institutions affiliated to the Ministry

Formats / Acts / Regulations

  • Financial Regulations

                        Eg:-  F.R. 630


  • Establishments Code
  • Acts

            Eg:- Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation Act

                    Sri Lanka Broa

dcasting Corporation Act

                    State Printing Corporation Act

                    Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Limited Act


  • Circulars

            Eg:- Public Administration Circulars

                    Management Circulars  

                    Internal Circulars

                    Treasury Circulars


  • Other Guidance

            Eg:- Good governance

                    Government Tender Procedure and Procurement

   Main Hierarchy ( Designation, Contact Numbers )   

Chief Accountant

Mrs.A.G. Anula Wijerathna
Designation : Accountant (Internal Auditor)
Telephone : 011-2513497
Fax : 011-2513497
E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.