Main Objective   

01. Publicizing and raising public awareness on national events and the role of the institutions affiliated to the Ministry. 

02. Facilitating to upgrade professional standards of journalists.


   The Main Activities of the Division   

01. Implementation of the scholarship programme for journalists.
02. Providing credit facilities for journalists to purchase media equipment.
03. Conducting press briefings and publicity activities on programmes organized by various Ministries, government institutions and religious organizations.
04. Organization of training workshops for journalists.
05. Issuing press releases for print and electronic media.
06. Organizing press briefings publicity activities on special projects launched by Ministries and their affiliated institutions.
07. Update and maintain the official website of the Ministry tri-lingually.
08. Implementation of publicity activities of affiliated institutions of the Ministry of Parliamentary Reforms and Mass Media.
09. Preparing investigative reports containing important news published daily in print media.
10. Selection and archiving of economically, politically, socially significant newspaper articles on current issues.
11. Organization of social gatherings for journalists.


Special Programmes

01. Scholarship programme implemented to upgrade professional standards of journalists.
02. Credit facility scheme implemented to facilitate the profession of journalists.
03. Training workshops for a better media culture.

   Main Hierarchy ( Designation, Contact Numbers )   

dsc 2582

Mr. K. P. Jayantha
Designation : Director (Media)
Telephone : 011-2513 469
Fax : 011-2513 469
Mobile : 0773-996 320
E-Mail : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.