The former Prime Minister and the former Japanese Ambassador to Sri Lanka Kenichi Suganuma called on President Sirisena who is currently visiting Japan to attend the Enthronement ceremony of His Majesty the Emperor Naruhito.

The discussions were focused around long-standing friendly relations between Japan and Sri Lanka and the former Prime Minister commended the efforts taken during the tenure of President Sirisena to further strengthen bilateral relations between the two countries.

The Prime Minister pointed out the necessity of continuing the service of the President for the betterment of Sri Lanka.

Prime Minister Fukuda applauded the series of new programmes launched to accelerate the social development in Sri Lanka under the leadership of President Sirisena as well as the measures taken to restore normalcy in the country in the aftermath of Easter Sunday carnage.

President Sirisena said he will continue to commit to the furtherance of relations between Sri Lanka and Japan ever after his retirement.

Attention was drawn to enhance bilateral cooperation in combatting terrorism.

President expressed his gratitude for the Japan’s assistance rendered towards the fulfillment of development and economic aspirations of Sri Lanka and further said Sri Lanka will always look out for Japan as a true friend.

The parties exchanged mementos to mark the occasion.